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What is the scope of legal services at most law firms?

“When I’m afraid, go to a lawyer” – this modified version of a well-known saying perfectly reflects the complexity of contemporary Polish law and the problems it causes. And while most of us would prefer never to seek legal services , sometimes the situation simply leaves no other choice. If you are wondering in what situations it is worth using the help of a lawyer, you’ve come to the right place! We have prepared a short guide, thanks to which you will learn what scope of legal services is offered by most law firms and when it is absolutely necessary to consult an experienced lawyer.


The most common type of legal services offered by Polish law firms are legal advice and representation in matters of civil economic law. It is worth going to an attorney first of all for legal advice. providing this form of legal assistance is usually associated with low costs and allows laymen to better understand the intricacies of the case. Most lawyers, when providing paid advice, will also indicate their recommendation regarding possible further legal steps. This kind of legal servicesare a great idea, especially in the case of more complicated cases, where knowledge of the proverbial “legal tricks” is required. Taking advantage of legal advice in many situations will allow you to save money spent on legal representation.


Unfortunately, in many cases simple legal advice may not be sufficient. In such a situation, the solution is legal or procedural representation (depending on the stage at which the case is at hand) enabling the law firm to act on behalf of the client. This form of legal servicesit is usually associated with large costs hidden from the client’s pocket – the exception here are, for example, cases for compensation in traffic accidents, in which law offices usually charge a percentage or absolute commission on the amount of remuneration obtained. An extremely popular form of legal representation is defense against debt collection, the purpose of which is to prevent bailiff enforcement in the event of huge debts. Lawyers specializing in debt issues, as part of their offer, can offer not only an effective fight against a dishonest creditor, but also instituting consumer bankruptcy proceedings, which in many cases allows you to cancel clients’ debts. Use of legal services in the event of entering a spiral of debts, it is a must – failure to defend against claims by creditors will not only result in the seizure of property by the bailiff, but also much higher costs, often exceeding the original amount of debt.


When it comes to civil cases in Polish courts, it is divorce and the struggle for custody of children that constitute the most common type of court proceedings. In the case of such serious civil lawsuits, it is necessary to use legal services , which in most cases will involve quite large fees. However, conducting a divorce or child custody process on your own is not so much difficult as it is even impossible – an experienced lawyer significantly increases the chance of your success and allows you to win much better conditions. If you are still in the pre-divorce stage and cannot get along with your spouse, make sure you consider using mediation from some solicitors. This kind of legal service it will allow for a better understanding of the legal situation of both parties and for reaching an agreement without the need to conduct expensive and mentally exhausting court cases.


Although, contrary to appearances, criminal law cases are quite rare, there are numerous law firms on the market that specialize in this segment of legal services . It is worth noting that conducting a criminal case by an attorney is not only time-consuming, but also extremely expensive. Therefore, in most cases, it is worth considering whether it is worth using the services of an attorney in such a situation. If the case is related to, for example, the possession of illegal substances, there are special law firms dealing with defense in this type of cases as part of pro publico bono activities. Before using legal services In the field of criminal law, it is worth making an appropriate market review so that you can choose the right, talented attorney to protect you in court proceedings.

Most law firms, both smaller and larger, offer a variety of legal services that allow you to find a lawyer easily and solve your concerns quickly. Before deciding to take advantage of a lawyer’s offer, it is worth ordering legal advice, thanks to which you will get a clear picture of the situation and plan your further actions.