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How to legally employ a Ukrainian in Poland?

How to legally employ a Ukrainian in Poland? Currently, in Poland, for several years, Ukrainian citizens have been storming the Polish labor market. According to estimated data, about 2 million Ukrainians work in various industries in Poland. The Ukrainians motivate such a huge willingness to come by various factors, which in most cases overlap. Due to the large number of potential employees, it is worth knowing how to legally obtain employees for your company for as long as possible. 


According to research and opinions of employees from Ukraine, there are three main reasons why the inhabitants of Ukraine decide to come to Poland. They include:

  • Economic factor – according to various estimates, Ukrainians who work in the same position can earn about 2.3 times their monthly salary in Ukraine. Therefore, they decide to come to Poland in order to earn more money and return to Ukraine (most often deciding to come with their whole families);
  • Political factor – the current situation in Ukraine (especially in the eastern part of the country) forces the inhabitants of Ukraine to look for a job and a new place to live in other parts of the country and abroad. Therefore, Ukrainians, in order to escape conflicts and repressions, decide to come, especially to Poland;
  • Cultural factor – Poland is the most common choice for employees from Ukraine also due to the geographic and cultural proximity of both countries. It is not a problem for the inhabitants of Ukraine to learn Polish within a few months, thanks to which you can overcome the language barrier between employees and the employer.


Employment of an employee from Ukraine is also extremely profitable for several reasons. First of all, employing workers from Ukraine is associated with lower employment costs. Ukrainian citizens usually choose to work where only the minimum wage is foreseen. Therefore, the employer is usually obliged to pay insurance and health contributions if the person is employed under an Employment Contract.

Moreover, since 2017 the migration regulations have been simplified significantly for the inhabitants of Ukraine. Pursuant to the provisions of law currently in force, Ukrainian citizens can move freely and work in other European countries that belong to the Schengen area. At the same time, they are not obliged to obtain a visa for permanent or temporary stay. Thanks to such simplified regulations, many inhabitants of Ukraine decided to go to work in Poland and to other countries of the Schengen area.



The inhabitants of Ukraine most often look for job offers in standard sources, which are also used by employees in Poland. They include:

  • Job offers on advertising portals – portals such as OLX, Gumtree, or local websites with job offers for foreigners are increasingly appearing on the Internet. It is the easiest and fastest source of reaching the largest possible number of potential candidates, and most importantly – it is free;
  • Numerous groups and forums in social media – in various social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you can come across job offers for Ukrainians and other nationalities, mainly from Eastern Europe. It is an equally fast and effective source of acquiring new employees;
  • Employment agencies – employment agencies are an alternative and frequently used source of job search by Ukrainians. The inhabitants of Ukraine willingly use the services of such companies, because you can try to find interesting job offers in one place. At the same time, the agency provides assistance in the preparation of documents and helps to complete the process of employing a person from Eastern Europe. In addition, most agencies help in finding accommodation for the duration of the contract or in other matters such as transport from Ukraine to Poland.


Since 2017, the procedures for employing foreigners in Poland have been significantly simplified. In order to employ a Ukrainian  legally in his company, it is enough that he will have:

  1. Obtaining a temporary residence and work permit – it is enough to submit an application to the competent voivode for issuing an application for temporary or permanent residence in Poland, and then submit a fingerprint. Then, it is enough to wait for the decision of the Office, which in most cases issues such a permit within a short period of time. The permit is issued for 3 years or longer, thanks to which Ukrainians can legally work in Poland;
  2. Obtaining only a work permit – if the employer wants to extend the period of cooperation with a Ukrainian employee, there are no contraindications. Before the expiry of 3 months of a given person’s stay in Poland, it is enough to submit an appropriate application for the issuance or extension of the employee’s stay in Poland. There are several types of permits (A, B, C, D, E, S), which differ from each other and depend on what form of cooperation and for what period of time the employer wants to hire the Ukrainian.